Saturday, May 8, 2010

Amy Hunting Block Shelf Book Shelf

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Is this possibly the coolest thing you've ever seen?

I applaud Amy Hunting for her amazing creativity
in the design and assembly of this "Block Shelf."

The wooden blocks consist of twenty types of untreated
wood, upcycled from a rubbish bin in London.
The cotton rope is tied in some serious fishing and sailing knots
to hold up the massive weight of the wood and books.
You'd definitely want to find some studs for these puppies.
This is quite a creation that Amy has designed! You can be pretty sure I'm gonna try and duplicate it myself (well....myself meaning with the help of my wonderful hubby). Amy's piece has so much personality and history in each block of upcycled wood!

Besides being an obviously awesome bookshelf, can you imagine it in front of a viewless window with plants and glass bottles? Could you see yourself attempting a replication?
Photographer: Trine Stephensen
Check out Amy's Site
She was awarded the 2nd prize from Green Furniture Award in 2010 and her bookshelf is available for purchase from Green Furniture Sweden


  1. It is a very unique shelf and I can see why Hunting won an award for it. I have to wonder though how she feels about people copying her design? Why not purchase the shelf and support the artist in her work?

  2. I hope that my blog about her piece (including links) will bring more attention to her art in general and her fine creativity. Many times I find myself drawing inspiration from the work of others. ....But what a story her piece could tell! All those blocks, salvaged from different types of wood in London. I tried contacting the company through the link on her website to find out how much it would be to purchase. Currently their site is having difficulties. Most of the site is in swedish and a lot of the photos and links are not working.

  3. English site:

  4. Thanks so much for the link! How spectacular it would be to have that hanging in your family room! tempting!


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