Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anthropologie: Clean and Green Cardboard Drum Lamp

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Clean and Green drum lamp from Anthropologie really caught my eye on my 'tour de Anthropologie stores' last April. Tour de what? ...So I found myself driving with my family through Vegas to San Diego a couple months ago, and I can't pass up an opportunity to browse the clearance section at an Anthropologie store so I found myself visiting three seperate stores in two and a half weeks. And you know my love for anthropologie inspired projects! Like the wine bottle chandelier and hanging glass votives.

The Vegas store had a collection of the Clean and Green drum lamps on display and I shot some pics with my trusty I phone (in fact the only camera we had on our entire trip....woops). 
Anthropologie Clean and Green Cardboard Drum Lamp

The circle shape looks a bit tricky to cut unless you had a gigantor drill bit. but the rectangular looked doable.
Anthropologie Clean and Green Cardboard Drum Lamp

You'd need some corrugated cardboard, or say fun cereal boxes? ...plywood, holes for dowels and wood glue.  What do you think?

Anthropologie Clean and Green Cardboard Drum Lamp
The lightbulb is suspended from top piece of playwood, and the cord is wrapped in burlap.  You'd definitely have to have access to some cool tools, but this would be a fun project.

anthropologie terrarium

I also saw this cool terrarium type thing at the back of a couch. This thing would never hold liquid as the glass is smaller the the sides all around. But you could mimick such a look using a traditional aquarium. This one would be considered a tall tank and is less deep. It would sure dress up an area behind a couch, instead of a frame. Or help create a cozier space.

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