Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guest Room

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Guest Room

The guest room holds the furniture we bought for our master about six years ago.  The night stands (clearance at PB) both match, the iron bed is a favorite of mine and all the furniture is black.  When we removed it from our master over a year ago, the main reason was because we were co sleeping with our new baby and didn't want to have such a high bed.  The shutters were a gift from a friend and was the head board for the queen bed that we removed.

The big black armoire is rather large for the room, but holds all the pillows and extra bedding.  I went ahead and hung two mirrors to the side.  These mirrors were blue IKEA mirrors.  I painted them white and added wooden decorative elements covered with metal paint and then a rusting medium.  On top of the armoire you see an old army trunk I painted white and a glass vase holding old chair legs.  Yes....chair legs.  The spinning artwork that hangs from the ceiling fan and closet doorway were made by my lovely children from paper plates.

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