Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Wallpapering" With Maps

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My latest project?  "Wallpapering" my office niche in maps!  I put the word wallpapering in quotations because I didn't exactly wallpaper the maps.  I wasn't one hundred percent sure I was going to eighty percent love it so I decided to just go for it as a semi permanent option.  I've had minimal experience with removing wallpaper, but it was enough to know that I never wanted to do it again!

The little office niche, used by my kids as a computer and art room, is located in a hallway near my kitchen. I've been trying different colors on the walls but just hadn't made any decisions and then.....voila! Blank wall, extra maps, it was so obvious!
I used to have all their art supplies in a bookshelf under the counter.  My mother says to me, "In a house with so much storage, I don't see why you would need extra."  Well, okay mom... I'll refigure it.  ...and I did, ....and I'm glad.  Getting rid of that alone made the room better.  I just reorganized the drawers and low cupboard that are easily accessible and I made it work.
There is a train that runs through this room from my son's room.  My clever husband put this together last Christmas and I have yet to blog a decent post about the production.
We have tons of AAA maps.  Some are from locations where we used to live, some are from road trips.  I set my iron to medium and ironed the wrinkles and folds.  The creases are still evident, however this technique helped to minimize them.
Using a thick double sided tape on all four corners, I just started smoothing them against the wall and attaching them.
I think it's busy, but cute.  At first I was kind of like "wo -- that's a lot going on" ....but now I really like it.  ...and yes, that is the Pottery Barn Kids table and chairs I got for fifteen bucks at a thrift store.
My whole family is very into map reading so this is very entertaining for us 'cool nerds'.
I've been collecting globes.  ...well, I plan on collecting them.  So far I have two.  I know that you need at least three of something to consider it a collection, but in my head, I can see the ten to fifteen that I imagine will look great all together.

After all was said and done, I added thumbtacks to the edges of the maps to keep them secure and finish the look.  I'm tempted to go through with a red pin here and there and mark all the places where we've lived.  What do you think?


  1. Pretty cool! My only concern is that over time they may yellow and curl up on the edges. Looks great though!

  2. hmmm... good point. Maybe, now that I'm sure I like it perhaps I'll make it more permanent to avoid these problems. I'll keep you posted, thanks!

  3. Wow! I love the maps. Way less expensive than wallpaper, too.

  4. I totally want to do this in my laundry closet... so I googled "wallpapering with maps" and your blog came up! Yea!!! I am so glad that it did! I think I will go with the double sided tape for a while and see If I like it. I'd hate to modpodge everything up there and end up wanting to tear it down. Thank you so much for your idea!!!



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