Saturday, October 8, 2011

Good Times at the Goodwill

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My mom and dad drove up to visit with me this week while my husband is working in L.A. I'm so blessed to have such loving parents! My mom and I had a blast at the Goodwill, spending over two hours perusing the store. Although I believe half of that time was spent in the check out since of course we picked the line with the cashier in training. Can I paleeze share with you all my amazing goodies I found?

Look at this trunk full of treasures!  Not pictured here is a new in the box slow cooker that came with a mini crock for dips.  In the back hidden behind my string instrument is a nice terrarium with sliding mesh lid, dishes and dead hermit crabs.  Kinda creepy and I have no plans of getting a small critter that would require such accommodations but who could pass that up for seven bucks?  The dish alone is 10 at petco.
I'm sure you'll see a couple of these items up-cycled in the near future, but a few are perfect as is!  A saddle blanket purse with leather straps, a metal "fairy house," a sterling silver coat brush, an owl for my "Owloween" display......
Don't you love this purse?   

I've got plans for these candel holders and candy dishes, as well as the metal pumpkins seen in the first picture.  If it would only warm up a bit now so I can do a little spray painting!


  1. I need to find a better goodwill...maybe in a more affluent section of town... I never find stuff like that!

    My mom did take the kids out to buy fall decorations... I won't disappoint my children by taking them down, but let's just say they are not-so-much my taste and border on gaudy!

  2. Great finds! Luvvv that purse!!! You know what the "waiting in line" rule is: Whichever line you're in, is the one that will have a problem. Happens every time.:)


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