Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rake Head Necklace Hangers

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Whenever my mom comes to visit she brings me goodies. A few years ago she showed up with a rake head she said I could use for my necklaces. "Hmm, interesting idea mom," I thought. I love it. Or should I say, I love them, as I have doubled my display space with two rake heads. I love that it not only keeps my necklaces separate from one another and in plain view for selection, but that I am finding a new use for an old gardening tool.

Due to space in the rake's current location I've had to turn the head upside down, which just proves it's versatility!

Friend and awesome San Jose based hair dresser extraordinaire Erin Lopez uses her rake for kitchen tools

Friend and owner of Reno Upcycle Veronica
Coleman made a frame for her rake.

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