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Welcome to Our Home

My house is always a work in progress.  I seem to love controlled change in the form of moving furniture, a LOT.  A couple months ago you could have found me wedged with a couch in the hallway while Dan was at work.  (And yes it remained stuck there till he came home).

Our house has a very open floor plan.  I blocked one opening to my dining room from my entry way with reclaimed windows and a buffet cabinet.  The refinished bench is the spot that gathers the coats and bags when people come to visit.  I'd love some sort of artsy fartsy coat rack on the wall pillar to the left of the bench....someday.

Here is my shutter wall room, I mean....the dining room.  Country Living Magazine loved it so much they put it on the April 2012 cover!  My 12 foot dining table is an old conference table from UNR and my turquoise Eames chairs I found on E-Bay.  My next purchase for this room will be jute carpet tiles from FLOR.

Across from our front door is our living room where I have another console table and plant blocking one of the three openings.  This is the spot where I hope to someday soon put a baby grand piano.

Our living room has in fact changed a lot since this photo was taken.  We are waiting for our new couch to be delivered and I'm in the process of making a fabric ottoman to replace this coffee table which is currently on craigslist.

My up cycled lamp will remain in the room of course.  Who could live with out that fun Anthropologie lampshade?

The china hutch displays my glass bottles and was a thrift store find.  Someday we hope to place our speakers inside the wall and I'd love a big frame built around the TV.

Down the hall on your way to our room you can see our Sierra Nevada map and our garden gate.

The master bedroom was probably the most neglected room for the longest time in our house.  It seemed to collect old furniture and cast offs we didn't really care about anymore.  Finally inspiration hit and we installed a ceiling mounted canopy for our bed and tree branch curtain rods.  Our nightstands are thrifted finds.  The one on the right is a small buffet.  I'm still looking for a bed frame.  The perfect one I found turned out to be the wrong size.

Our master bath has tile that mimic my childhood 1920's home.  The black wall light above the mirror used to be silver and a bit bronze but we sprayed it black.  You can also see my up cycled wall mounted candle holder.  I want to frame out the mirrors above my sink in two black frames and one thicker green one in the middle. 

I love my antique green chair (thank you mom).  The fabric has seen better days, but I love the color.  Behind the chair are nursing photos of me with my three children.

The metal leaf garlands are from West Elm on clearance.  My shower is behind the white curtains hanging from the hooks on reclaimed wood.  You can also see part of the ladder above my bathtub from where my plants hang.

I love my Epson Salt baths super hot with a good book.  I swear they are the cure-all.
I'd love to bring the subway tile up the wall all around the bathroom to chair height.  I'm still not sure about wall color.  Perhaps after the tile I will decide.

Double doors open up to my office from the entry way.  My desk is a dining table from a local thrift store.  It was love at first site.  I think I'm going to make an angled bench out of the matching chairs.  My plan is to sand it, leaving the nooks and crannies dark and cover the top with a piece of glass.  You can see I have four Bedford filing cabinets in a row (from PB) with an Ikea bookshelf (legs unscrewed) on top.  I forgot the name of this shelf from Ikea, but it is the same one that used to be the color coordinated library bookshelf in my family room. I don't believe it is still available at Ikea.  In the shelves I have baskets with projects, white notebooks with hundreds of pages from magazines, and green magazine files from Ikea to store paper, directories, art books and other items.

The desk is a bit high for my giant green yoga ball that I used to sit on, so I had to design my own yoga ball chair which is working out great.

My 72 drawer card catalog is perhaps one of my favorite furniture evolution projects of all times.  It stores a lot of art and office supplies.  

Down the hall from the entry and dining room you can see all our framed family photos.  We have a completely random selection of frames and they are hung with out rhyme or reason.

 My kitchen lights are three upside down lamps that Dan and I rewired together with pendant lights from Home Depot.  Our bottle opener on the island is from Virginia City, and you better believe I save every one of those perfect bottle tops (in the jar on top of my card catalog).

The flowers in vase artwork you see in my kitchen was our home version of the school auction project in 2010.  The fish tank you see on the counter is Dan's water garden.  
 Our 'round room' is where we dine for most of our meals.  The wheeled chairs were four for $50 at the thrift store, the table was from craigslist and the round floor rug is an indoor outdoor rug so I can take it outside to hose down if needed.
The signs are from WWII, bought off e-bay about ten years ago.  They've been sitting in a file folder until like last year when I decided to start saving my Michael's coupons for the frames.  They are all double sided and we switch them around now and then.

My family room looks a bit like this.  Meaning it has windows and walls.  Right now it is empty as it is being painted yellow with a dark green ceiling.  

 My son R's closet has a loft.  Someday it'll have a proper ladder too ;-)

He picked the color himself.  I love it.  He goes up there to play games and legos.

T's room has the loft bed from Ikea that's so great for the little ones, a monkey on the wall and a train shelf.  YES, a train shelf meaning there is a train that goes around the top of the room, into the closet, out into the hallway office and back into the bedroom.  Someday I will blog more about this most awesomest project installed by Dan.

  Zebra's room changes like monthly. Her bedding has been the same since she was born (Land of Knod),  and her walls are still green striped with a pink ceiling.  

One thing that's remained the same since we moved in are her star lights from Ikea.  These guys are on a timer and act as her night light every night.

The hallway office niche is perfect for the kids to do art projects and work on the computer.  The walls I "wall papered" with maps make it a playful environment

 I removed two doors on one of the cabinets above the desk area for my books since I moved my color coordinated bookshelf to my office.  I'm also working on a collection of globes.  I plan to paint this area yellow.  But at the rate I change my mind on paint colors, there's no telling what color it will turn out to be.

 The guest room holds the furniture we bought for our master about six years ago.  The night stands (clean ace at PB) both match and the cal king iron bed is from Macy's.  The shutters were a gift from a friend and used to be the only headboard for a queen bed.

The white mirrors attached to the side of the armoir were blue and from Ikea.  I painted them and added wood decorative elements that I painted with metal paint.

I think that about rounds up the home tour today.  Check back frequently because you know it's gonna change!

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