Monday, May 31, 2010

Wine Bottle Chandelier & Hanging Glass Votives

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Oh how I love my trips to Anthropologie.  Last weekend I went to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party weekend with out kids (WITH OUT KIDS!!!) I spent the morning having breakfast with old friends and shopping at Anthropologie, browsing the goods with with my giant bag in tow (yes I had to bring five pairs of shoes for two days).  Lucky for me it was the first day of a huge was as if the heavens aligned and decided to give me a to-for.....a kidless party and a sale in one weekend!!!

I tried on a handful of items and even got stuck in a dress I've been drooling about online for months.  The dress had to be "damaged out" after they almost had to cut it off of me when the zipper broke.  They had another in my size that I plan on wearing to a June wedding on a boat in Lake Tahoe.  After the embarrassing dressing room incident I decided to whip out my camera and start snapping shots of their displays.  I figured this would really establish myself as the crazy girl from Reno, getting stuck in dresses, pulling a giant bag on wheels and taking pictures of everything...might as well go all the way with it right?

The first item to catch my attention was this amazing wine bottle light fixture.

It looks like two basic cord sets plugged into an electrical outlet in the ceiling.

What?  You don't have outlets on your ceiling?  You could probably rig something up like I did with my upside down lamps.

They have maybe fifty or more wine bottles that have been cut in half and are hanging by a rope tied in a knot beneath the mouth of each bottle.  It was hard to tell how they attached the rope to the ceiling but I would try plant hooks or eye hooks into studs or anchors.

Looking on google real quick I see a couple different ways to do this.  From blow torching the bottle while turning slowly and tapping it in a bucket of water, to using a glass cutter or dremel tool.  If you've done this before please comment... I'd love to hear about your experience as I think I might just try this myself after further research, (and a lot of wine).
anthropologie wine bottle chandelier

This wine bottle lighting is pretty long and would look sweet if you had a two story entryway or stair case.  I'm sure it could be made wider to play off the length of your dining table.  Perhaps the rope could be hung from a metal garden trellis?  What do you think?

hanging votive candle holders anthropologie
Next grand idea I gathered from my visit was these cute hanging votive candle holders.

A simple glass container with beaded wire wrapped around the lip and looped over the top.  Such a cute gift idea!  How fun would these look hung in groups over your tub or perhaps just one on a metal hook next to a mirror.

So much to be seen while on vacation.  Have you spotted any ideas from Anthropologie or other shop displays?


  1. Alright. First off, I am going to have to visit my local Anthropologie more often to check out their displays. Secondly, I LOVE the wine bottle idea adjusted horizontally for over our kitchen table. I will have to recruit DH to help with this.

  2. Oh please send pictures if you do attempt it! Cheers!


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