Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Baseboard Patching

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I hope you had a wonderful three day weekend!  We flew our flag outside and spent our windy Memorial Day touching up those irritating spots in the base board that haunt you when you walk down the hall.  We let the kids ride indoor scooters and cars through the house.  They can get up to a pretty high speed and my 22 month old has even learned to lean into the turns.  Sometimes it's like a race track in our house but they love it.  Our baseboards however aren't big fans.  I believe that in a house with three kids, this is bound to happen, cars or no cars.

This bump here is actually painted white because we believe it was niched while we had our hard wood floor installed and then painted when it was replaced.

Bring on the Elmer's Wood Filler.

Dan sanded the surface a bit to prepare it for the application.

He smoothed it with a putty knife and then painted the whole baseboard.

Once you start painting your baseboards it kind of hurts to stop.  Our whole house is in desperate need of an entire base board repaint job but this would take nearly 14 gallons and a LOT of time.  We're thinking it'll just have to be done in sections.  Dan compared it to maintaining the Golden Gate Bridge.  Once we're done we'll probably just have to start over again.

The corners that he tackled look much better.

Some he painted, some he just touched up with the wood putty.  But when they look as bad as they did to begin with, sometimes wood putty will go a long way in improving their appearance.

A couple areas of our house needed caulking under the baseboard.

Next Project? The car.
After removing the child car seats, we found about 14 cars, a handful of stickers and crayons....packaged dental floss from dentist goody bags, fliers, note books...the list goes on and on.  I brought everything in, put it in a box and made my four and six year old trash it or put it away.

Please tell me your cars look like this too!  Could you feed a small country with the snack leftovers found under your car seats? (Not to mention the meals imbedded in the crevices of the child car seat itself.)
Besides helping with the car, the kids enjoyed a pajama day reading books and playing board games.

How did you enjoy your Memorial Day?  A picnic? Hiking?  Or did you patch & repaint your baseboards too?

p.s.  on a side note....I'm excited that my Flowers in Vase project will soon be featured on Mod Podge Rocks website!  

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