Design Tips

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Tips for decorating your home.

For a collected over time approach to decorating, don't open up the catalog and order the 'bedroom set' or 'living room collection.'  If you've already done this, don't hesitate splitting up the set between rooms.

Think outside the box with archectectual elements.  A ladder can be used horizontally to display children's artwork, vertically to hang towels or hung from the ceiling as a pot rack or plant old gate can hang on your wall, act as a trellis for a can be hung as room dividers, display family photos and can also be wipe off boards for your to do lists.

Walk through your hardware store and try and visualize the objects in new ways.  How about a stack of mail boxes as craft storage?  That old bread box you always see at the thrift store could be your new stationary organizer.

Using your furniture in unconventional ways can add interest to your rooms.  A dresser or buffet cabinet under your television, a stack of suitcases or trunks as a nightstand, 

Check out your local thift stores.  Many will have a day where everything is on sale.  Pop in on a regular basis to scan the furniture and accessories.

If you like it, and it's a good price, buy it.  Figure out what your going to do with it later.

For extra long curtains, add a strip of coordinating fabric to the bottom of easily available curtain panels.  

Re-use some of the hardware on the furniture you're renovating.  A couple coats of rustoleum will make those hinges as good as new.

Check the clearance asle for paint when you're at the hardware store.  Someelse's mistake might be your perfect color.

Don't be afraid to mix dark, light and painted woods in your home.  If you love it, you'll make it work.

Use neutral colors on your most expensive pieces of furniture.  Bring in color with pillows, throws and accessories.

Ikea has it's place.  But please don't overpay for a piece of particle board furniture when you could have got something higher quality used.  Pottery Barn too....You can pay a pretty penny for a low quality piece.

Check craigslist.  They even have an iphone application!

When hunting for furniture, look for dove tailed drawers and dust proofing separators.

In a monochromatic room, don't be afraid to mix up different shades of the same color.  This will bring depth and interest to your design.

Most importantly trust your gut.  And if your gut is feeling like a libra, then take a picture of it and mms it to your friend!