Monday, June 27, 2011

Tree Branch Curtain Rod

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You may remember about a year ago I shared a picture of an aspen tree (gnawed down by a beaver), tied to the top of my truck.  Or maybe not, since you probably have a lot better things running through your head!  Anyhoo, I've been collecting branches and well, trees, to use as curtain rods in my master bedroom.
tree branch curtain rod

My curtains are the aina curtains from Ikea.  I kept moving this project to the back burner because I couldn't envision a solution for sewing tabs on the curtains that were large enough to fit through the tree.  Due to the curve of the tree and branches, I was trying to think up ways to accommodate various sized tabs so the curtains would be evenly touching the floor.

tree branch curtain rod
 I decided to just thread the parts that would fit through the hidden tabs on the back of the curtains and go from there.  Lo and Behold the whole tree fit (although some places felt like putting on my 'going out' jeans on a saturday night).  I prefer a step by step approach when decorating, especially when faced with a decision or predicament.

support for tree branch curtain rod

The branches are held up by plant hangers from Home Depot.  I had a couple to choose from and decided upon the ornate design.  I spray painted them white and distressed them with sand paper.

All 'rods' dip down in the middle and I had planned to wire them in way that would support the 'rod' so that it curved out into the room, but after placing the curtains in their spot for a week I decided to leave them as is.
tree branch curtain rod
To secure the 'rods' in place, I drilled holes on both ends of the wood.

Then I threaded small gage wire through and around the plant holders, twisting them together in the back.

tree branch curtain rod
This is pretty important step.  We left ours in place without being secured for too long and I'm surprised there weren't any casualties.
I love the natural element they bring to the design of the room.  

tree branch curtain rod mosquito netting around bed
You can see the curtains are longer in the middle of the tree then on the sides, but it doesn't bother me enough to hem.  And how bout that mosquito netting around my bed?  Pretty slick eh?  More on that one here!

P.S.  My son loved the idea so much he carried a huge branch for over a mile while on a hike with friends.  "It's for my mom...." Isn't he cute?  Honestly it was way to big around to use as a curtain rod, but I have it leaning against the wall in the corner of my room cuz I don't have the heart to part with it.

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  1. That is such a fun idea! I love it!

  2. Hi Laura! This is such a GREAT DIY that I posted it on my blog to share and inspire others with your great idea (I added a link back to your blog) - here's the post (I hoep u love it):

  3. Did you spray your branches with anything for bugs?

  4. I sprayed them with a clear acrylic sealer. I did not spray them for bugs. They laid on my bedroom floor for about 6 months before we did anything with them (besides trip on and curse them).

  5. What a thoughtful son you have. Very creative project...thanks for the inspiration.


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