Sunday, January 17, 2010

Color Coordinated Home Library - Books organized by color

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Books Organized By Color

My Son came home from school, pointed at our family room and said, "Mom, can we make this our home library?" I had been thinking of moving a bookshelf from our bedroom into this newly rearranged family room of ours but I hadn't acted on it in any way. So to hear my six year old son with a similar idea that included some furniture rearrangement gave my heart an extra pitter patter. This book case held my novels in my bedroom, all organized by color and only in every other cubby. Now it holds all our novels and all the children's books; organized by color. The kids have small book holders in their room they now use for their books that they "check out" from our library. Their previous book cubbies in their room now hold dolls and toys. This is working out to be a good system. Once a week we go to the library, return books, and check out new books. They are allowed to do this anytime of course but only with the guidance of a "librarian." My six year old and I are both librarians. To be a librarian, you have to be able to put books away correctly, using our color classification system while being careful not to hide books inside others or bend pages. Amazingly my 18 month old son is listening fairly well and for the most part is only using his books on the very bottom shelf. We'll see how long that lasts.


  1. We have books coming out our ears after 6 years of parenting :) We don't have a pretty bookshelf like this one - they're crammed every which way into a large cupboard. I will have to find some way to get more space so I can display them like this :)

  2. This book shelf was a couple hundred bucks from Ikea. I like the cubbies. It helps keep the books from falling all over themselves.


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