Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vase with Flowers - Update - School Art Auction Project

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The flower wiring is comin' along. They are so cute I could put them anywhere, and can definitely use this idea in other projects. (IF I could ever lay eyes on wiring one again.) I've got three home flowers and three school flowers to finish (one that hasn't even been painted yet.) The home back board is complete, as well as the home vase. The school back board needs a couple coats of polyacrylic, and the vase still needs to be cut and collaged with green squares from magazines. Both projects need the flowers to be attached, and wire stems threaded with glass beads (by children). I'm going to stop thinking of what I have left to finish because I didn't think it was going to take this many words. One step at a time. The auction isn't till February 6, anyway right?


  1. These are gorgeous! What are they made of?

  2. The flowers are made with 1/4 inch mdf, and were cut with a jigsaw. The circles were bought from michaels (also 1/4 inch mdf) because i wanted perfect circles and to avoid cutting off my fingers.

    Here's a link to more information about the project:


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