Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Postcard Collection

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Since I can remember, I've been collecting postcards. My dad was an airline pilot and flew international flights. He would always send me a post card from some crazy exotic place. And an apple...he always brought me the apple from his food tray. My grandmother was also quite the traveler and sent me numerous postcards from lands afar. Did people send postcards more when I was little? Whenever a friend went on vacation and I babysat their pet hamster or kitten or plant, they always sent me a postcard. Sometimes I even mailed them to myself while on vacations. To: ME I am good. How are you? Occasionally I mailed them to my pets back home. I was an only child driving cross country with my parents in a station wagon....with headphones and a giant tape player in my lap so I could listen to 'Fairy Tales on tape'. My postcard collection began dwindling a good fifteen years ago but I am trying to encourage this lost art. My husband and I drove to Arkansas with our three kids last November and the kids all picked out postcards from each state, wrote their name, and mailed it home. These are very valuable treasures added to my collection which I proudly display in a bowl in my guest room.

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