Monday, March 15, 2010

Wall Nook with Garden Gate

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Our home has a very shallow wall nook at the end of a hallway. It's maybe an inch deep, which is not deep enough for a vase or shelves. A painting could be hung inside the niche which would give the piece added focus and interest, but hey, how 'bout a garden gate? My gate was a gift from my parents (once again they have helped to fill my home with something salvaged). This gate has been hauled around with me through various homes and has always been a conversation starter. We hammered metal stakes in the ground and wired the gate to the stakes in our garden at our first house. Since it was outdoors, I sprayed it with a clear protecting matte polyurethane. It was not a functional gate but served as part of the entrance to our vegetable garden. It now hangs at the end of a hallway, over a shallow wall nook.

We screwed two screws into the studs that border the sides of the nook and the bottom of the gate.

Two eye hooks were screwed into predrilled holes in the studs at the sides of the niche, bordering the top sides of the gate. The eye hooks and nails were then painted the same color as the wall so they blend to the background. Using metal wire, we wrapped the gate to the screws and eye hooks.

Here you can see the locations of the eye hooks and the screws in relation to the gate.

The gate looks great at any time of day, but the lights from the hallway create some fun shadows in the nook.

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