Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Craft Ideas

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My son's 4-H club worked on Mother's Day crafts at their meeting last Sunday.

Our 4-H leader, artist Daylene Moss (link to website coming soon) came up with some cute ideas that I thought I'd share.

Silk was pre-sewn into approximately 4x6" rectangular sacks with an inch gap opening in the corner. The children then spooned flaxseed (infused with lavender water from spray bottle) into the sacks.

Needles were double threaded pre-knotted in matching colors.

The children, with some help, whip stitched the inch gap to close off the pillow to complete the project.

Mom can enjoy her new lavender scented eye pillow with her feet up and Dad and the kids cleaning the house and making dinner. (hint hint)

The second project is a picture or recipe holder.

Multiple colors of pre-cut 12 gauge aluminum craft wire and a collection of large hole colorful beads were provided for the children to choose. The children bent the wire using pliers or strong hands.

Wide circle bases looped up to a small spiral at the top with a variety of beads through out the piece.
The children drew notes to mom on note cards to be tucked into the the spiral as part of the gift presentation.

This cute little craft can be used to display a photo or a recipe card.

4-H is a wonderful youth program for children ages 5-19. I was a member of the Rolling Hills 4-H club in L.A. County from the age of 10 - 18. It gave me confidence in public speaking, knowledge about leadership and taught me the responsibility of community service. Daylene Moss, leader of the Pinion Pines 4-H club here in Reno also teaches art camps over summer vacation.

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