Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Found My Perfect Curtain Rod!

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My three kids and I drove up to South Lake Tahoe on Friday to visit with my Brother's family.  My husband was off at a bachelor party in Austin, Texas for three nights, but no worries, I had plenty of fun at the bachelorette party.  Saturday felt like the first day of summer.  It's been such a cold spring that we all jumped at the idea of a little hike in the sunshine through their property to a creek.  In the back of my mind (I can't start any more projects till I finish my shutter wall), I've been thinking about adding curtains to my bedroom, and love the look of using branches as curtain rods.  One wall, however would need a super long branch and living in the high desert, we don't come across such treasures very easily.  My brother (who envisioned my upside down lamps in my kitchen), carried this beauty from our hike on his property and tied it to my car.  It's part of an aspen tree, gnawed down by a beaver.  

Now I just have to decide on curtains!

My duvet is the Ogee from Pottery Barn.
I'm considering the Aina curtains from Ikea in light green.  Tabbed curtains would work better with the branch so I'd probably have to sew some on using a different fabric.  In fact I've had my eye on these for years but every time I go IKEA (2.5 hour drive) I've forgotten the printed bag my duvet came in so I could test the colors.  At 50 bucks for two they're not expensive but they're not IKEA cheap either.  Next time I WILL REMEMBER.  

What do you think?  I'd love to hear comments!


  1. Love it, I did that in Maddie's room when we lived in Huntsville. I will have to email you a pic.


  2. I would love to see pictures Jen! I'm still trying to figure out how to attach the branch. Giant eye hooks perhaps? What method did you use?


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