Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playroom Fabric Choices

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Which fabric should I use in my playroom as a table skirt and a shower curtain?

I declared that it was time to bump up our play room from 'room I'd like to avoid' to comfortable living area. Sometimes we refer to it as our romper room. We don't keep toys in the play room, it's more of an area for the kids to run around, wrestle and watch the occasional movie.
Here's a BEFORE shot:
I dismantled the jungle gym and am putting it back outside. The kids don't play on it enough to take up half the room. I brought in an old white kitchen table that has been outside over the winter and actually gained a little character. I'm planning on adding a skirt around the base of the table to create a fun fort. I'd like to add curtains to the window, and a curtain to the shower room in the attached bathroom. My husband is also working on creating a loft in the walk in closet. (I think we're living out our own childhood dreams with this one).
This room can be seen from our family room.   The curtains I choose will need to be solid print as the family room curtains are pretty funky.
I'm thinking a fun aqua blue and perhaps I'll attach tabs at the top with the same fabric I choose for the bathroom shower curtain and table skirt.
The only art I have in this room was made for my room by my mother.  I might update them with a fresh coat of glossy paint on their frames.

Here's the question:

Do I go with a fun gender neutral blue and green tree and bird print?  I love this print and I love blue and green.  I could even hand paint a giant tree on the wall that matches the print.
or......  Perhaps I should have something with more color.  Do you think this floral print is too girly in a house with two boys and one girl?  I could still paint the fun tree from the other print.  (Definitely wouldn't paint flowers all over the walls but that would be cute for all girls wouldn't it?)

Please take the poll and I'd appreciate any comments you have for me.

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  1. I like the idea of having a hand painted tree in the room. I think it would look neat with the flower pattern to bring a bright and funky (in a positive way) pattern in to mimic the outside. A great climbing/hanging/fort look.


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