Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glass Bottle Display in China Hutch

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You may remember my China Hutch Evolution I blogged about a couple months ago?
                                       Now it's time to peak inside.....

I have a thing for collecting old hand blown bottles.  First off I love thrifting and antiquing.  What I find really interesting is stopping at such shops while on vacation.  It's interesting to see what kind of treasures you may find in Hawaii, or Texas, or Florida....  Well not Florida.  Even with my mother in the car saying, "ooh ooh look at that thrift store!" my husband STILL did not stop.  Darn.  Now I'll always wonder.....

Besides half a dozen items of nonsense I pick up, I love it if I can find a glass bottle.  I have them ordered by color in the cabinet, and many of them hold other random treasures.
The small bottle here holds pieces of glass from Glass Beach in Kauai.
Of course I don't throw away wine corks.  Someday I may have a project for them.  Meanwhile I throw them into a glass vase.  This one is from Ikea.  So although I look for handblown old glass, I'll totally put some cheapo glass vases in with them just because I'm the boss.  Ya.  That's right.
I've also added a couple ceramics pieces from my college art days for lack of a better location.  Because of their similarity in color, I think they blend nicely.  This dragon fly piece holds a candle in the bottom and essential oils in the bowl top.
Sometimes I'll get a bouquet of flowers and a couple beauties will dry up perfectly.  So in they go....  And please help keep me in check people..... If my house ever appears to go from creative to busy to "hoarder alert" mention it.  I may not care by that point but I do value your opinions.
My mother, Queen of Collections, has a hUgE jar (we're talking floor jar), full of match boxes.

My little collection doesn't do hers justice.  She was a flight attendant and traveled the world picking up match boxes.

Besides a pretty tumble weed type plant, a dried flowering artichoke thistle and a college tea pot, that's about it for my china hutch.  The bottom cabinets store candle holders and a drawer full of candles.  I don't change it up much like some people do seasonally.  I have too many other things to occupy my time like cleaning up poop.


  1. I love collecting glass of all colors, too. They are so pretty, especially when the light hits them!

  2. I love all my bottles and I fill them with all sorts of treasures that change as I do!

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