Thursday, August 11, 2011

Morning Home Birth

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I want to share with you how I spent my morning.  It is a bit off topic from my usual posts however important and I thought you might enjoy my photos.

This morning I was privileged to go to my dear friend's home birth.  I missed the actual birth by about 15 minutes but was there to witness a person's first moments in this world.  

Born into warm water,

and pulled to surface by his loving mommy.

Big brother made the important discovery: "He has a PeePee just like me! ...But mine is WAY bigger."

 Midwife clamps and Daddy snips

Special attention is given to mom and baby including both their physical and emotional needs.  There are no pressures given to mom regarding the urgency of the midwife's schedule.

 Measurements are held off nearly two hours until after baby and mom have had some important bonding.

 8lbs 6 ozs

A midwife's caring hands make baby's first check up a tender and peaceful experience.

Baby's peely feet are a sign that baby was ready to enter the world.  Much care was given to respecting his wishes on choosing his own birthdate.

At one moment in baby's check up, an apprentice performed reiki on baby which calmed his energy.  The whole spirit of the room was positive and relaxing.

Welcome to the world little one!


  1. Oh, how beautiful! I'm sure mama was more than ready to meet that baby boy. Congratulations to their family!

  2. So many of my favorite people in one space! Congratulations on witnessing this beautiful (long awaited) birth.

  3. Wonderful! Beautiful birth story and terrific photojournalistic telling of it. I enjoyed this news and this post more than I can say!

  4. Beautiful! I can't wait to have the same kind of experience with these wonderful caring women!

  5. Thank you. It was a real joy to capture these moments.

  6. What an amazing experience for you! Your photos capture the peaceful, calm atmosphere of this precious baby's arrival.

  7. What amazing pictures!! Really tells the story. They will always treasure these pictures. I had my last birth photographed and I am soooo happy I did. I know my little boy will treasure these when he gets older and I love reliving the experience through my photos:-)


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