Thursday, December 29, 2011

Anthropologie Display

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anthropologie jean wall display

The Jean Wall...  Legs of jean fabric layered on the wall as a study of the blues.  Utterly fantastic, but probably challenging to clean.  And how bout those hanging shelves?  I love Anthropologie.  I love the creativity of their displays and I love their clearance racks!  Every time I go I snap a few shots to give inspiration for unique decorating...

old chair wall display anthropologie

An interesting wall mounted chair display that leaves me a bit weepy for letting my husband talk me into throwing out some old chairs.

There were four of them.  My mom and I spent hours with paint scrapers and heat guns bringing them down to this multi-colored showcase of their history.  They were pretty much death traps for anyone over 150 lbs by the time we decided it was the end of the line.  I saved one complete chair and a bunch of the spindles which I proudly display as art in my guest room.  

See them up there on top of the armoir?

I guess if I kept everything, my garage wouldn't hold our cars, and my marriage, well....let's just say that it's nice to let him win sometimes.

terrarium anthropologie display

How bout a terrarium of rocks and succulents?  ....and giraffes?  Cuz you know you wanna.

jade plant tea cup anthropologie

Or maybe a cute little Jade plant in a fun mug.  I love Jade plants.  We had one in our yard when I was little so perhaps it spurs memories of childhood, but there is something Über delightful about Jades.

Hmmmm.... me thinks another trip to Anthropologie is highly necessary very soon..... Good thing I have my tickets for a solo trip to L.A. this January!

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