Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grandma's Chairs Need New Life

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My sister and her family came up from Northern California yesterday for a wonderful visit.  

I'm still a bit in recovery mode as I just can't stay up past my bedtime like I used to!  Anyhow they brought me four chairs and a table that used to be my grandmother's.  I had them for a year or two in college and they've been residing at her house for the past 12 or so years. 

 The seats are low to the ground, they have wheels, and their enveloping arms are totally comfortable to use at the low game table with which my Grandmother had them paired.  Side Note:  Do you love the organization of my garage?  That red paddle board was made by my grandfather out of fiber glass.  I hope to someday find a spot for it inside.

Their condition however leaves much to be desired as they have been around the block a few times.  My sister has replaced them with something similar in her home and I have been thinking about them hanging out in her carport, just calling me for me to rescue them.

The table is kinda meh, and we've all been injured in the knee cap by the wooden support beams on the underside.  It may or may not become a work table for the kids and I in the garage.  My husband is pretty against the idea of me taking up any more space so we'll see.  I don't know why he is upset....It's a five car garage and it fits one whole car (yes and a boat)!  Next week it should fit three as I'm finishing a huge project I CAN'T WAIT TO SHARE!!!

I'm thinking of having the chairs reupholstered in some fun fabric.  Perhaps I will give two to a fabulous friend of mine here in Reno, if I can bear to separate them.

Remember the lamp I shared last week?  While looking for photos of it still intact, I realized how much my family room has changed since I've taken pictures.  In fact it's changed a few times since then!  We added a small tv in-between two windows and a couch, and then....another couch, taking away the four chairs.  The chairs made it a great sitting room that we used on weekend mornings especially after having overnight guests.  We'd chat and drink our coffee and admire the mountains.  However I missed having a tv for the kids.  (They pay for their tv and wii time with tokens they've earned doing chores.)

Don't get used to the way it looks now either though since things will be changing here AGAIN in a few weeks.  Is it just me that gets uber excited by moving furniture?  I don't think there's ever a month that goes by with out something moving around!

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