Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spray Painting And Glazing A Metal Leaf Bowl

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Spray Painting Metal Accessories

Found this cute metal leaf bowl at the thrift store the other day.

I'll give you three chances to guess the final color and the first two tries don't count...

After cleaning the bowl, I sprayed two coats of KILZ spray primer.

You guessed it of course!  Green!

I used two coats of Rusto-oleum EDEN.

I wiped it with a mix of 2/3 glaze, 1/3 grey paint just like on my fireplace and voila! 

On another note:  I need to do more yoga!  My exercise method of choice right now is Pilates once a week (which is awesome no doubt) but my mind and energy are craving some relaxing yoga, too.  Maybe if I express it here to the World Wide Web then I'll hold myself more accountable...

My goal is to take a class at least once a week and incorporate home yoga back into my daily routine.  Instead I've been on some sort of productivity kick and have felt the need to take on a thousand projects at the same time:

My family room is still in the process of being painted,
I'm plastering a couple parts of my kitchen walls,
I have a 80% completed fabric ottoman in my living room,
a half painted fireplace,
two disassembled lamps on the floor in my hallway,
a full dishwasher,
and laundry that has spilleth overeth.

Good thing I finished the snow man!


  1. I never seem to find great things like this at the thrift stores. Love what you did with it!

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