Friday, February 20, 2009

Home Communication Center

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The home communication center will always be an evolving project. See how I painted it with magnetic paint. It currently holds our family calendar, which I must admist is never quite as up to date as the ones on our phones. Our current invitations are held in a magnet frame in order of event date. The to do lists worked until summer came and our attention was better placed on keeping the kids from killing each other from long hours of playing. With fall here I hope to get back to using the to do lists but who says anyone will read them let alone follow them. I never got a chore list going and honestly, we're still working on figuring out which chores are mandatory and which chores are 'extra' and how to keep track. The kids and I are working on developing a morning routine chart which I've considered placing on the lower framed region, however they want their charts in their rooms. I do like having a nice place for pictures of family and friends in our kitchen. The other reason I've delayed placing anything else there is the destructive little hands of a certain one year old. As for functionality of the magnetism, it could be better. It would be fun to paint chalk board paint as well and incorporate both chalk and magnets into some chart for the kids. But until I don't have a little one eating the chalk and rearranging the magnets, what we have will work just fine.

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