Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fine Art

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Freshman year of college I signed up for a Life Art Drawing class at Sonoma State University. My only previous experience with formal art instruction was ceramics and sculpture in high school. When I saw a Life Drawing class offered I thought, "well I like drawing life, ...trees, ...things that are living." I was a bit surprised when a guy wrapped in a robe stepped up onto a stage and proceeded to lose the robe. I remember looking around at everyone else to see if anyone was as surprised as me. A total novice, I actually had to raise my hand to ask how to use the required pen and ink I had brought with me to class. This became one of my favorite classes from all four years. I learned so much and soon had naked figure drawings covering my walls in the dorm. I continued taking art classes and received a minor in Fine Art. Since college i've mostly painted in acrylics on canvas due to the fumes of oils and my (what seems like) constant state of pregnancy.

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