Friday, August 14, 2009

Morning and Evening Routine Chart part 1

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With 22 tardies last year and only one kid to get out the door, the thought of two kids and a start time of half an hour earlier has made me re-think the efficiency of our morning routine. Last year our mornings started with my wake- up time as late as possible at 7:40. My husband would then lay in bed for even longer, but claiming that "I'm up, I'm just not out of bed." I would get up and find my son, usually in his pajamas, with a freshly started art project on the floor of my office. Quick to the kitchen to get him some cereal, make his lunch, make my husbands lunch and get the coffee pressing. By 8:20 I'm usually shouting out commands to get teeth brushed, and socks and shoes. My son would be totally ready minus the socks, I'd send him into his room to put them on and five minutes later I would find him sitting in his closet with his pants off, mindlessly staring off into space.

This year I hope for less chaos, less yelling, and for my kids to have more responsibility in preparing themselves for the day. I can at least hope right?

The kids and I sat down and made a list of all that needs to be done in the mornings.

Next I drew quick pictures of each item on our list. My plan now, after scanning them, is to print them off and have the kids color them. I'm going to post them in their bathroom on one wall, with a similar picture list of our evening routine on the opposite wall. We'll see how this works and if it will help keep the kids focused and aid in their time management skills. Meanwhile I'm also working on developing a chore chart.

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