Monday, August 24, 2009

Morning and Evening Routine Chart part 2

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So its the night before the first day of orientation week at school and I finally finished our morning routine chart. Unable to leave well enough alone I spent far too long today revising and adding to the charts' pictures which are available here. We now have an evening routine chart as well. Both are hanging in acrylic magnet frames on the kids' bathroom wall. I wonder if it would be better if the pictures were in a complete vertical line. Perhaps it would be good if I had one for each kid and they could cover the picture with a magnet as they completed the task, however I have a feeling that in my family this would be a huge distraction. 

 I have a miniature version of the charts hanging on our communication center in the kitchen as well. Hopefully this will help my kids stay on task. Nothing is officially glued down so that I can change it as needed.

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