Monday, September 14, 2009

Rolling Hills Mural

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Four Wall Rolling Hills Mural For Nursery

The top half of this wall and ceiling were roller painted light blue; the bottom half green; and the middle left white....(by my husband). I then painted clouds using white acrylic paint and a natural foam sponge. Some of the whites I watered down, others were true to the bottle. Some whites were mixed with a tiny bit of yellow, some with a tiny bit of grey. The ceiling clouds were hard for me. I was 7 months pregnant and at the top of a ladder.....not a pretty sight. I used more of a brush in the ceiling clouds in order for me to reach and I like how the sponged paint looks much better. Next I took a pencil and drew arches all over the wall, like hills. I painted every other one or every other two hills in the back with the darker green. The other hills I painted with the green that was rolled on the wall on the bottom half. I then defined the hills with yellow highlights and darker green low lights (paint on drier side). The trees I painted in groups of mostly odd numbers with shadows all in the same direction. The sheep were little puffy sheep bodies with darker grey heads and feet. There were a couple black ones. The sheep had little shadows as well that were basically real short around one side of the sheep. This helped to make the white sheep pop. I got my inspiration from a handful of children's books including Time For Bed by Jane Dyer It took me like six straight days of somewhere between two and four hours a day. I mean, don't get me wrong it's definitely a "put your life on hold, order pizza, and do a project" project. The sad part is that we moved six months later.

The stars in the night sky form my son's astrological sign Cancer

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  1. I cut one of those clouds from plywood and painted it cloudish to go in my grandson's cloud room....used the cutout as a valance over his window instead of curtains...(ceiling clouds were shaped like cloud animals here and there .. sigh..wish I had taken a real picture only have the memory pic in my head) when he was an infant...(he's 11 now so clouds have blown away years ago and replaced with sports themes)...kid's rooms are such fun.


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