Monday, January 25, 2010

Organizing Vitamins, Herbs and Supplements

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My kids take a lot of vitamins and supplements. Can't say I'm not trying to prevent the illnesses that seem to visit our household every couple weeks. Though this might have something to do with the store counters at face level that my kids find so tempting. Or the wipe the nose and lick the hand method of self bathing. From omegas to calcium, gummy vitamins to chewable C, we've got it covered. That is a lot of bottles to open everyday, so I picked up a couple giant pill containers that are divided by day. Each child has their name labeled on one container so I can tell who's had their daily dose of gummies.

I have two "medicine cabinets." One in my kitchen and part of a linen closet in the master bedroom. In my kitchen cabinet I have a large basket for all of the everyday vitamins, (both adult and child), that I bring down weekly to refill our giant granny pill boxes. I have other containers (mostly converted child shoeboxes) labeled "Breathe Freely," "Essential Oils," "Feel Better Fast.....Kids," and "Feel Better Fast" (for adults). I also have a lazy susan for pain and fever reducing meds, and other frequently needed herbs and tinctures. I have faith in positive thinking and didn't feel right labeling anything "sick" or "asthma."

The medicine cabinet in my bedroom linen closet contains several labeled plastic containers. Along with homeopathic and herbs, these container hold traditional western otc meds just in case we need them. The containers are labeled for Cold and Sinus, Ear & Eye, Digestion, Essential Oils, and Mother health (I'm always nursing or pregnant). There is also another lazy susan for pain meds.

My pill boxes are labeled Queen A.M. and Queen P.M. of course. My husband's dust collecting pill box has just been relabeled for my youngest son, now old enough for his own gummies, since obviously my husband wasn't cool enough to take his vitamins.

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