Friday, June 18, 2010

Paint My Chandelier Or Wait For Other Inspiration?

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Paint my chandelier or get something new?

Here's a reminder of my dining room with shutter wall and current gigantor chandelier:
Various lighting concepts have crossed my mind for my dining room.  Some require lots of shopping, some are hair ripper outers, and one is just a simple click at Pottery Barn dot com but eats away at my empty pocket book.  You may remember my Moroccan lantern idea or my sisal hanging lamp idea? All fun, but just not in the current cards.

Please excuse my half a** picture....I've been gardening all day and I'm feeling a bit lazy.  My thought now is that perhaps, at least for the interim, I could use what I already have with a chandelier makeover.  The curtain rod in this room is black so I'm considering hauling the chandelier outside and spraying it black.  The shades I am thinking of painting blue with an acrylic and fabric medium mix.  This room has always given me issues for some reason and I'm feeling uninspired as to what lighting may compliment my shutters.  What do you think?

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  1. I lovee your shutter wall!!! Oh and I also like the chandelier, just maybe for another room? I think it competes with the wall which is gorgeous, I would do something like a drum pendant shade in a color than complements the rest of the room.


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