Monday, June 21, 2010

Wedding Picture Display

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What I appreciate most about photography is the stories it can tell.  When presented with our wedding photos 9 years ago, we really couldn't pick just one and sure didn't want to plaster the walls with them.

Instead we chose twenty two of our favorite, some taken by the professional and some by the guests.  I took them to Michaels frame department and laid them out in order.  They helped me design a mat and choose a frame.  Budget was important so my options are fairly base, however I think it gets it done in an elegant matter.

The center picture space displays our wedding invitation printed in black and white.  All the photos are also printed in black and white.  Although I believe displaying them in color would look good too, I like how the black and white unifies the photos.

The last picture is my little niece, exhausted from a long night of dancing.

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