Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Homeschool, Doshas, and Crystal Salt Rocks

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This is how I've been feeling in regards to my website.  I have like 10 awesome new blog posts on my to do list.  The projects are nearly physically complete and while the desire to create hasn't floundered, I simply have not had the time to blog about it.

My plate has been full recently as we have decided to home school our 2nd grader!  I'm totally excited about this change and the information I find myself learning about right brain gifted kids with a glitch.   I attended last Friday's Nevada Homeschool Network Symposium where I listend to Dianne Craft.  She has some fantastic information about identifying and correcting blocked learning gates.
Cool links for homeschool people at the bottom of this post....

Just read about Dosha types.  Anyone heard of these?  Marie, my awesome Yoga master told me about them today.  And I'm so Vata it's unreal!  Let me know if I'm the last one on the boat to dosha.  Would love to hear about your experience!

I've recently lost two important people that were dear to me and I'm finding myself reflecting on life, priorities and the meaning of death.  I feel I need to reevaluate how I've been thinking of death:  an experience that leaves sadness in the hearts of those left behind.  As I get older, more and more people are going to die.  It's just a fact. I would love guidance in awakening to see death as a celebration of life and transition.   I hope to find time to read a book recommended to me by my dear friend Lisa, "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying." Does anyone have anything to share about this book or topic?

In addition to all the above I believe I am also an overly sensitive person.  I've been enjoying my crystal salt baths to help detox negative energy.  In fact I have one of these rocks in lamp form that stays warm through the night with it's little light and actually improves the breathing in asthmatics.  We keep this in my daughter's room right next to her bed.  Don't underestimate the many uses of these rocks God has given us.

Upcoming posts?
Curtain rods made out of Aspen trees
Kitty Cabana (cat door from house to garage kitty litter/ kitty lookout)
Another awesome Art Auction Project
My son's room and his loft/bed/fort in his closet
a bazillion easy meals to make in mass volume and freeze for future use.

Projects in process:
Industrial looking bed canopy
meal planning information that will be available via .pdf download
i-phone application for meal planning

So ya.  I like to have lot's a s**t going on apparently because it appears that's just how I roll.  Continuing projects to full completion is what I am lacking. But there is something creative about a project that is almost finished.  Like, there is always room for improvement and additional modifications.  Ya....that's it.

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  1. I understand...ugh... I work full time from home and homeschool the kids...I love to create but right now all the creativity is in a notebook or in my head...time....time...time.....

    Your blog is wonderful and inspirational...I have no advice other than to try to relax and enjoy this time as I'm sure you are...watching your children learn and sharing in their excitement is a wonderful gift. : )


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