Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Travel Trailer Converted To Chicken Coop

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Part of the fun of homeschool is the multitude of field trips available when you aren't stuck in school all day!  A dear friend of mine, Shannon, is incubating chicken eggs and has a whole coop of chickens and baby chicks.  Last Friday my neighbor Emily, her two kids, my three kids and another little friend who played hookie (educational hookie) drove up to visit Shannon and her feathered friends.

Shannon "candled" her eggs for us so we could see the little chicks moving inside their eggs.  She does this every couple eggs to double check the embryos are still developing. (aka: to make sure they haven't croaked)

One of the eggs had a tiny hole in it from which we heard cute little chirps.

The incubators are kept indoors, but the chickens live in a most awesome converted travel trailer.   Shannon has a gated area with a screen over the top.  This connects to the travel trailer complete with ramps and little chicken doors.

Where there used to be a bed, you will now find roosting chickens.

Cabinets and sinks have been converted to roosts as well.
Such a clever transformation!  The kids got a kick out of petting and holding all kinds of chickens.

They found so much delight watching the little chicks pop around in their temperature controlled nesting crates.
The penned in area looks like a Gymboree for chickens.  The kids enjoyed tossing (or throwing) food.
Shannon's chickens also have access to the fenced in property for them to get out, exercise, and stretch their wings.  She has provided hiding areas for them randomly placed among the sage brush.  The door to this outer area is closed around dusk.
Thanks Shannon for sharing your feathered friends!

....and the scaled ones too!

As for homeschooling in general, it has been quite an education in balance.  Time for kids, time for learning, time  Anyhow I'm working on figuring it out and have decided to use a workbox system.  I'll post some pics and more information soon.  It seems to be working out well for us.


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  2. Hahah very creative, a "mobile" chicken coop. Very nice.

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