Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To Hoard or NOT To Hoard

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Photographer friend Ari sent this picture to me today.  She saw this chair for $19.99 at the Goodwill in Sparks.  How can I turn this stuff down people?  I'm totally tempted to drive on out there and haul it home.  For what purpose? I DON'T KNOW, but I'm sure i'll find someplace for it!  I'm starting to think that maybe I shouldn't pass up such awesome awesomeness...even if it is for the pure sake of hoarding cool furniture in my garage.  Although I do love my husband and he might not appreciate the glorified goods.  But someday I may find just the perfect person or perfect spot....  In fact I blogged about this chair on my new cyber thrift store website,  Redo Reno

Oh what to do, what to do!

On another note, my Direct TV has TV on demand. I really had no idea how cool that can be until today. I searched “yoga” under 'Smart Search' and found a 36 minute yoga class (with Jennifer Galardi) that I could 'record' and watch immediately. There are multiple to choose from and I look forward to finding my favorites. Kid 3.0 decided he wasn't going to nap today and so I left him in his bed 'trying' to go to sleep (which means he waits a few and gets up.......I still have to lay with him if I want him to take an actual nap.)  What was funny (and wonderful) was that he saw me doing yoga, and hid and watched silently for 25 minutes. *SCORE*
Jennifer Galardi yoga refresh direct tv
Jennifer Galardi mentions something very memorable for me while doing a spinal twist around 23 minutes into the program with the timer clock reading 10:10 left.

“All we're doing with our body is putting it in challenging poses and using the breath to work through it so when you go out there off your mat and into the real world, like traffic you use the same breath that's just as challening as this chair pose and I think sometimes more so."

I just 'liked' her fansite on Facebook. Looks like she has some good daily quotes to share.

BTW.....I know I've mentioned this before, but research Doshas. Find someone in your area who can help you learn more about them and how understanding your dosha can improve your life.

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