Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mudroom lockers in garage or laundry room...

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...that is the question.

My laundry room:
Ya.  It's really that bad.

Before we moved our washer and dryer into the space it looked like this.  It 'looks' good but the functionality of those corner cabinets was so bad it was big waste of space.  So.....
Out they came......almost two years ago.

I love the additional space and have been waiting to finish the area until I figure out what I want.  There is a sink on the left and so I will be replacing it with a stainless steel sink and new countertop.  But nothing on the back wall (the wall you face when you enter).  As for the area on the right, I'm thinking about the following two options:

1.  Slide the washer and dryer over to the left and build three lockers for my kids and all their gear (minus the shoes which are in the garage).  ...Space might be an issue.

2.  Leave everything where it is and just add a nice counter top from wall to wall over the washer and dryer.  I would then buy three (or five) modular mudroom lockers for my garage.  But would the nasties of the garage ruin our stuff?  hmmmmm.....

Here's a photo of the type of mudroom lockers I'm thinking about building or buying:

Should I build mudroom lockers in my laundry room or buy modular types for my garage?

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