Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pirate Scarecrow

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pirate scarecrow

Every year the school my kids attended holds a raffle at their Fall Festival to win a scarecrow built by each classroom.  My son won a couple years ago and we still have that guy up in our attic, waiting to come down for the Fall season.  It's been incredibly windy so I've been holding off putting him in his spot, for fear he might take flight.  I helped to make a pirate scarecrow for my daughter's primary class.  We gathered costume supplies and plastic baggies, a pumpkin, a pole and a bucket.
stuffing scarecrow with plastic bags

We threaded a pole through the clothing and then stuffed away.  Plastic bags are the best because they won't break down when wet like newspaper.  A hot gun was very handy to hold his clothes and embellishments in place.  Our pirate has one boot and one peg leg, which is also the pole that is threaded through his clothing.  The pumpkin head was shoved onto the pole and the pole is placed in a bucket full of sand to hold him in place.
Pumpkin head scarecrow
How cute would he look on your front porch!!!

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  1. Such a cute cute idea...thanks for sharing it!!


  2. I'm in love with your pirate! I need to make some of those to fit in better with my Halloween decor!
    Thanks for sharing!


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