Monday, February 20, 2012

ding - water plants

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I have a lot going on.

Who doesn't.

I have to do lists on my phone, my bulletin board and of head.  I have i-cal reminders set every week to remind me put the laundry in.
AND take it out.

An alarm goes off to remind me to
                                          pick up my kids,
                                          clean my car,
                                          water my plants.

As I write this I'm trying to think of all my scheduled reminders.  I'm going day by day in my head (too lazy to find my phone and too tired to remember it's on my computer).

Okay, I'll start with Monday.....    ***What's that car parked outside my house for....
Hmmmm...what happens on Mondays...       ***"Dan! Why is there a car parked outside?"
hmmmm.....Trumpet.  TRUMPET LESSONS!  Trumpet lessons at 5:30 HERE at my house.

Wow am I slow sometimes!

So back to my i-cal reminders (lol)...
Yes I need assistance with the mundane tasks like watering my plants.  If I wait till the plants need it, it's too late.  About six months ago I decided I couldn't live with out a beautiful Gardenia plant for my bathroom.  It has attempted to bloom three times since it came to live under my responsibility.  The first two times it dropped all it's buds after I failed to give it water.

Today it is once again covered in buds.


I don't know much about gardenias except that they smell delicious!  This is what I want to smell when I walk into my sunny bathroom in the mornings.

 I WILL remember to water my gardenia.  I may even give it some fertilizer to encourage the blooms. 

It's a good thing my kids ask to eat.

And for those of you wondering which colors I finally chose, here are the can tops... (the painter took Monday off due to the holiday, giving me another day to wonder which colors to paint)
 Grass Cloth in my kitchen            Honey Beige in my Family room

 Aqua Smoke in my round eating nook         Okra on my ceiling in the family room

It's a lot of color and I'm a lot of nervous but very excited!

R and his trumpet teacher tooting their horns.  Hopefully I'll feel like tooting my own horn later when my rooms are painted!

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