Friday, February 17, 2012

The Stress of Choosing Paint Colors

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Decision making.
NOT a job for a libra.

About every 18 hours I have a different idea of how we are painting our family room and kitchen. The count down is officially on as our painter arrives Monday.
Monday, Monday, Monday!

Thus the multitude of color spots parading our walls.  The funny thing is there are two more colors since I took this picture!

As for the ceiling however, I have made the decision to go bold and unconventional (who me?)... Remember the lovely shade of Okra that I painted on my fireplace and bed?  Boo ya.  Can't wait to share pics! 

Perhaps these photos might inspire you to add some color to your ceilings:

green ceiling blue walls

blue ceiling white walls

blue ceiling white kitchen


  1. Hi Laura... it's Monday and curious minds want to know what color you chose {wink}. Also, thanks for including my blog in your inspiration list.

    Lesli @

  2. Well... The painter didn't know it was a Holiday today and has rescheduled for tomorrow. Which is good because I think I needed the extra time! I've finally made my decision and bought the paint. I'll just say there are a lot of colors and i'm hoping that's ok!

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  4. I'd choose the olive green.


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