Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowflake Greeting Card

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I had fun creating this snowflake card. It was relatively simple and took much less time then I anticipated. I dressed my three kidos in white and took pictures in front of a white backdrop. I used professional studio lights but the same look can be achieved with proper natural lighting and a white sheet taped up onto a blank wall. Recently I was in Gap Kids and I saw they had done something similar with kids dressed in very colorful clothes. It was cute too, of course and I'll be receiving a check in the mail shortly for their copyright infringement. (ya I wish)/

I imported the pictures onto my computer and chose the best three. I opened them in Adobe photoshop and using the Polygonal Lasso Tool I made a simple straight edge shape around each kid.
Using Image; Image Rotation I rotated the images and flipped the images to create angled pictures. I then dragged the angled pictures onto a new document that I first colored blue. The very center was a choppy blue image that I filled using a white chosen from behind my daughter's head using the eyedropper tool. I added text to the bottom of the snowflake for my Christmas Greeting, and ordered them! To add a little more busy work to all my free time, I ordered the snowflake 16 x 20 (16 x 16 square is not an available size), and cut it into a hexagon. I then mod podged the back, adhering it onto a piece of 1/4 inch MDF that was painted white. The front of the picture and MDF were then mod podged to seal it off. I bought a lazy susan mechanism and epoxy'ed it to the back of the snowflake board and to a piece of 6 x 6 wood to hang on my wall as a festive, spinning Holiday sign.

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